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I'm gunna fuckin kill somebody

Give me my god damn skate!

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We skate. We rip it up. We eat shit. We do it all over again.

This community is to talk about what we love most. To meet new people, get tips or advice, to share skating locations, design ideas, stories, pictures, whatever!
With that said, fill out the survey, post some pics, blah blah you know the story.

Keep the community alive! Skating journals are welcome.

!APPLICATION!SURVEY! This is so we know alittle bit more about the members. bitches
X. Name/Nickname/Skatename:
X. Age:
X. Preferred company/logo/brand/crew/whatever if you have one:
X. What is your set up... (trucks, wheels, bearings, deck, ect.):
X. Who is your favorite person(s) to skate with:
X. Tony Hawk or Duane Peters. hahah:
X. Who are your favorite bands/musicians:
X. What was the worst fall you've had:
X. When did you first start skating, and what got you into it:
X. Where's your favorite place to skate and why:
X. Midnight skate sessions, rad or nad:
X. Ramp Locals or The Daggers:
X. What's your favorite movie(s):
X. What 1 thing do you think sets you apart from others:
X. Goofy or Regular:
X. Why the fuck do you want to join this lame community anyway?:
X. What the fuck are you looking at?? Hoe.:

X. Pictures:
*At least 1 picture of you with your board. More is always better. Don't be a loser and pretend you skate when you really don't. thanks.

Partners in crime:

salsinstitches --> *Photoshop ninja*


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