real wild child (wenzo) wrote in showmeyerass,
real wild child

SO I had my little boy 2 months ago. I can skate again but its too fucking hot! I live in El Centro California, which is in the desert right next to Mexico. Summer days are scorching. But, my hubby is visiting soon, so I'm gonna take our boy and watch him skate some bowl action! This post is pretty pointless, but I haven't said anything in here lately.
I dunno, but.. I think I'm done with skateboarding. But who knows what will happen in the future. I know for sure we're going to teach our lil Johnny to skate. He's a big boy already, he's gonna be burly. I'm sure he'll end up doing something, skating/surfing/sports.. etc. He likes the swing turned on full blast.
Okay. Keep this community alive!

much love,
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