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I can skate again!!!!!!!

I'm talking about regular stance. Well not really. I feel like my ankle is finally healing. I regular ollied today. It's been about a year since i skated regular. Since March of last year when i rolled it at a show. I kept rolling on it every month until it was probably broken. Since then I've been skating switch and nollie. Getting switch lips and 5-0's on flat bars. I almost got switch front blunts and nollie nosegrind on them flatbars.

I've been watching skate movies and it's getting gnarlier. There are some shitty stuff like Greco's part has Chinese Rocks haha. It doesnt go with his part or his style. He was better off with the drugs and a better song to go with. Some dudes are expoxing good music like Only Ones, Mekons, Saints, and so on.
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